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Perfect uniforms
progressively supplies quality products
We continuously work to maintain
and optimize our quality management
What is Perfect?
Perfect Uniforms is one of the Uniforms and Fashion clothes Manufacturing Company. We are specialize in any kind of uniforms.
What is Perfect’s Manufacturing Capacity?
Our monthly production capacity is over 5,000 sets. We have our own manufacturing systems with powerful capacity.
Who are Perfect’s typical customers
Perfect has had a wide range of client’s. We have the regular business from our previous and fresh client’s.
Are product samples available?
Yes. We have many production samples available to our esteemed customers
What is Perfect’s Manufacturing Capacity?
We can make a customized production samples depends on our client’s designs. We need our client’s to see our superior workmanship and how great
their products would look and feel.
Any minimum order requirement?
It’s depend on the customer’s requirement.
Made to Order is Available?
Yes. Made to order items are manufactured specifically for each customer.
What is the lead time of dispatch?
We assure you to perform in less time.
Any VAS Available?
Yes. We are providing the company embroidery/logo/woven labels/screen printing.